NEW: How to install new version?

NEW: How to install new version?

Still have install problems? This is another way to install Pokeland / Poke Fairy for those how are unable to install the new APK File.

Try this if the other links don’t work for you!

  1. Uninstall all current installed Pokeland / Poke fairy / Monster fairy game(s).
  2. Run a cleaner app like CCLEANER, to remove other left over files / caches.
  3. Restart your phone (not necessary, but could help in some cases)
  4. Download the OLD VERSION Poke Fairy .APK from the download page. (3rd download link)
  5. Install the Aptoide .APK and open Aptoide.
  6. Search for Poke Fairy and click install.
  7. Go to Settings > Apps and give the Poke Fairy app the STORAGE PERMISSION
  8. Open Poke Fairy. Now it will download/install the new version. Please be patient…
  9. After de download and new install is complete the app closes automatically.
  10. Open the app again and Poke Fairy / Pokeland can be launched again.
  11. Have fun!

7 Responses

  1. Thanghoiwla says:

    Byyyyyy ga to f

  2. Usha says:

    This game is very best

    • Hjerketjwndhhejebsjejejkdhdjshshsjshwhyshsiissisjdieksjjdkekekejrjrjhrhrhdjehrhrhejdjjejdjdhdhdhejshja says:


  3. Suyash Karanjkar says:

    is pokelegends acc log in into pole fairy???

  4. Byron says:

    Yes i lov the game but i stopped like hack a usar ago, now i’ve got an iPhone, how does it work on iOS?

  5. Anonymous says:

    error during the analize of packet …

  6. xva1231 says:


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