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NEW: How to install new version?

Still have install problems? This is another way to install Pokeland / Poke Fairy for those how are unable to install the new APK File. Try this if the other links don’t work for you! Uninstall all current installed Pokeland / Poke fairy / Monster fairy game(s). Run a cleaner app like CCLEANER, to remove…
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Super ranking reward – Ultra Necromza is waiting for you!

You will have chance to get it during the event time.Event Time:Apr 24th 11:00 to May 1th 03:00(GMT+8)


Every pokemon can unlock 2 abilitys. These abilitys are different for each pokemon so if you want to find the best abilitys for you pokemon you will have to search for a bit or ask other people. When you just get a pokemon it will already have a first ability. The second ability has to…
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New version is out now!

Finally, new version comes!! New Pokémon and new gameplays! UPDATE: If you have already updated the game to version 5.2.1(you can check the lower right corner, 5.2.1 is the latest version), please just sit and wait for the tech team to release the entrance. Don’t be anxious if you cannot log into the game now,…
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Special Happy Exchange is coming again!

Special Happy Exchange is coming again! Event time:Feb 21st 11:00 to Feb 22nd 03:00(GMT+8)

Reso Shards are coming!

Reso Shards are coming! Which pokemon you like? Let’s claim it in happy exchange! Event time:Feb 18th 09:00 to Feb 21st 03:00(GMT+8)

Valentine’s Day

At this time of Valentine’s Day, our thoughts turn to those closest to our hearts – our lovely player…

Overlord Hoopa shard is coming again!

Don’t miss this time!

Special items

Special item exchange event! Special item Drop in adventure! Strike card and fasion are waiting for you! Drop and Exchange time:Feb 7th 11:00 to Feb 14th 03:00(GMT+8)

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