The Lotto is a VIP only event that offers anyone who recharges a certain amount of diamonds to be able to use. It appears commonly during weekends; it also may sometimes appear during the weekday in long special 3-5-7 day weekly events. It is recommended that you base and time your recharges in conjunction with the availability of the Lotto/Turntable/Other Bonus Top Up Event Rewards. The Lotto has always been a huge motivation for many to recharge as it offers an extra spin(s) for guaranteed free additional diamonds in addition to their original recharge amount. However, it quickly became the least important motivating bonus factor for topping up as Turntable, Reward Gift, Top Up Event Rewards became much more rewarding. Nevertheless, it is still an event that may possibly earn you a big jackpot of diamond payouts or at the very least extra guaranteed diamonds. (Aside from the new ‘Recharge Gift’ rewards that reward players for recharging a certain amount, the Lotto is the only other event that rewards extremely high VIP rechargers that recharge heavily during one single event)

Sum of Times Packages:

On the right side of the lotto in-game page, if the required times of spins are met, players will be able to redeem the package rewards by clicking the ‘claim’ button. Rewards vary and the # of spins required to redeem them also vary. 5/5 spin requirement usually contain extremely lucrative rewards ranging from: Full pokemon(s) shards, held item chests, eso disks, furniture, diamonds, strike cards, etc.

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