There are 22 different poke personalities and these give a stat bonus as well as a stat reduction or sometimes nothing at all to a poke. Personalities can make a huge difference late game if your trying to min max you stats but it can ruin some potentially too. The idea is to have a -10% on a stat your poke doesn’t benefit from. If the poke is a Physical attack user then ideally having -10% Special attack is perfect and either +10% Speed or Physical attack. In this case cheerful or modest are the best options.

Pokemon name Best personality
Arceus timid
Ho-oh stubborn
Dialga modest
Palkia modest
Celebi timid or cheerful
Zygarde cheerful or stubborn
Rayquaza modest or timid
Tornadus timid
Regigigas cheerful or stubborn
Regice timid
Kyurem White modest or timid
Kyurem Black cheerful or stubborn
Deoxys modest or timid
Kyogre timid
Groudon cheerful
Riolu Hasty or Naive
Tapu Lele Timid or Modest
Solgaleo Stubborn or Cheerful
Lunala Modest or Timid
Meloetta timid
Tapu Fini timid
Diancie Modest
Victini timid
Buzzwole Cheerful or Hasty
Genesect Hasty
Tapu Bulu Cheerful
Volcanion Modest
Azelf Timid
Mespirit Timid
Uxie Timid
Celesteela Timid
Cresselia Timid
Guzzlord Cheerful
Xurkitree Timid or Modest
Mewtwo Modest if Y / Stubborn if X
Personality Stat 1 Stat 2
Bold P.atk -10% P.def+10%
Brave P.atk+10% Spd-10%
Calm S.patk+10% Spd-10%
Candid Neutral Neutral
Carefree P.def+10% Sp.def-10%
Careful S.patk -10% Sp.def+10%
Cheerful S.patk -10% Spd+10%
Composed P.atk -10% Sp.def+10%
Gentle P.def-10% Sp.def+10%
Hardy Neutral Neutral
Hasty P.def-10% Spd+10%
Immonsteruous Neutral Neutral
Lonely P.atk+10% P.def-10%
Mild P.def+10% Sp.atk+10%
Modest P.atk-10% Sp.atk+10%
Naive S.pdef-10% Spd+10%
Naughty P.atk+10% Sp.def-10%
Sassy Sp.def+10% Spd-10%
Serious Neutral Neutral
Stubborn P.atk+10% Sp.atk-10%
Timid P.atk -10% Spd+10%
Rash Sp.atk+10% Sp.def-10%
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